Legal Surveys

Legal and cadastral surveys deal with title and ownership of land, both private and public.

Many people consider their home and property to be their most important asset. This valuable resource is dependent on the work of B.C. Land Surveyors, who are solely responsible for determining property boundaries and creating indefeasible title. Title to property may be affected by rights of way, easements or covenants. All of these are determined by a surveyor’s plan.

Our team members are experts in strata title surveys, which can range from a simple duplex to a complex mix of commercial and residential units in a multi-phase development. We also specialize in air space plans for complex developments and leases of commercial space.

Our location on Vancouver Island’s Saanich Peninsula allows us to regularly work with foreshore leases and surveys of Crown Land. This work may involve something as simple as a small dock to the complexity of public, corporate and individual ownership of various water lots around Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

Engineering Surveys

Once the legal boundaries of property have been established, any development requires improvements to be accurately located on the property.

We can assist you during the development process with:

  • co-ordinate and elevation control, and grid line establishment
  • excavation staking and management of earth and rock volumes
  • layout of foundations and structures
  • monitoring of adjacent buildings for movement during construction
  • hydrographic surveys and soundings of the ocean floor
  • marine installations and pile locations

Topographic Surveys

Accurate topographic plans are an essential cornerstone to a successful project. They illustrate all ground features, elevations and contour lines as well as buildings, improvements, fences, roads, trees and landscape features, services and land uses.

We specialize in providing topographic plans for architects, engineers and consultants. Using leading edge technologies and software, Wey Mayenburg Land Surveying has incorporated digital photography with contour and site plans, resulting in easier, at-a-glance interpretation of plans.